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The Nemesis Docking Tower

Current Earthdate:

Sunstar welcome's you to her home under the sea. However, the base has moved a little to the left...

Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary, or S3, has Migrated to

The links on the left hand side have been adjusted to connect directly to the new domain. This domain will remain active until I get it fully activated as a forwarding site. Feel free to check us out on Facebook or Tumblr. Happy hunting fellow Decepticons!

All hail lord Starscream and 30 years of Transformers and 10 years of Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary

Earthdate: April 6th 2014
Subject: Very Behind the Times Website Change Coming

Well, long time no update.. too long. Far too long. I am very apologetic to my friends and fans whom I may have let down. Here is what is coming:

I am going to be redirecting Unicorn Cottage Company URL's at some point in the unknown, but hopefully near, future to my new domain . Ideally I want to have the site re-written but my coding skills are antiquated. So I am looking for someone who is willing to donate some times to help teach me or aid me in construction of this site.

What I have been doing to get things so terribly behind. I will say at least 4 years back, possibly more, I went into a massive depression due to unemployment. I have managed to take the bull by its horns and turn that around. The past two years I have not been sitting on my laurels and have actually returned to college to learn something I always wanted to do - to become a Chef. I graduate in June, and I should have Honour's Standing. I have enjoyed every minute of it and have found employment.

The only drawback of both my chosen field and school is the lack of time to do things like rebuilding a website.

I have not been without collecting for the time the site was not updated. I have Many many figures I need to Photograph and upload. All of the 2007 - 2014 toys and figures (or most of them) Fixed up Fanfictions - well at least in PDF files and trying to organise some other methods of reaching out while the site is in it's mess such as a facebook page. I have updates of my current acquisitions and some photos of my collection in its beautiful display unit.

Please forgive me for my Behindness while I get the new site built and this site redirected. However now I got my access to this one back, I can at least keep updates on the progress.

- Sunstar